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Tourism Blog Sample Tubing Adventure

Survey the scenic beauty of the Smokies from a most unique perspective, while floating down a short stretch of the Little River in a tube!  Water tubing is a popular summertime activity here in East Tennessee and can be done in docile Class I and Class II waters. That basically means that they are either still waters or fairly slow moving waters, both perfect for a hot day spent splashing and kicking around with your friends and family. Keep in mind this is river tubing, and is not a constructed ride in one of our area amusement parks. This is the actual Little River and while mostly narrow & smooth riding, it has rocks, as well as all the associated dangers with water play and there is some minor potential for injury and major potential for fun and unscripted adventure!

Just down Hwy 321 you’ll find River Rage Tubing, a small family owned company interested in keeping one of our area’s oldest traditions; playing in the rivers, available to everyone. For around $9 per person you will be given one of their life jackets and an inner tube along with a quick run down of the river conditions. After loading up caravan style in their bus you’ll be taken to the entry point on the river. If you have never been tubing, you’re in for a treat! Please be aware though that taking to the river for the day is not like floating along a hotel’s chlorinated lazy river. The Little River is a wild body of water and you’ll go without a guide, which means there is some potential for swimming if you dismount from your inner tube, there are also minor obstacles, such as avoiding or traversing a couple of rocky areas along the way.

We suggest a quick stop at Wal-Mart on your way in, or stopping at one of the local shops to pick up some water type shoes and don’t forget to apply water proof sunscreen before you go! Going early is always the best choice and call ahead to find out river conditions; if it’s been seriously dry in our area, the water level might be too low to really have any serious floating fun. On the flip side of that, if it has rained considerably recently, the water might actually be too fast or risky for you if your not a big adventurer, they are known to close down part or all of the river tube & raft access points for your safety.

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