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Construction Experience

Deck Building – General Labor Assistance
As a child I assisted my dad with all kinds of projects, because I was his tomboy.   He also taught me to fish and play baseball but that’s another story for another day.  During summers we built above ground swimming pools, swimming pool decks for ourselves and for clients of his.  In my youth we also built two 4-car garages together, back then I could only haul a 2×4 at a time or a couple of shingles at a time up the ladder, but I did it proudly with dad.

Remodeling – Tile Assistant – Carpentry & Custom Cabinets – Lumber Cutter  – Painting & Drywall – General Labor
In 1994 while living in Northridge CA the earthquake and a need for gainful employment put me on the home remodeling track.  I worked for a local GC throughout Los Angeles for 3 years.  Mainly doing floor tile work in kitchens and bathrooms, installing doors, counters & cabinets and plenty of drywall & painting commercial & residential.  Framing came next and because I’m good with a saw and can transfer patterns and measure/cut reliably, I moved into custom cabinetry for homes, and building shelving & organization for Grip trucks in Hollywood.

Small Ranch Home Restoration – Sustainable Farm Conversion – Outbuildings – Decks & Porches – Hardwood Floors & Ceramic Tile – Painting & Drywall – Lawn to Garden Conversions – Raised Garden Beds – Open Air Chicken Coops
In 2005 I purchased a rural vandalized home in East Tennessee where I fixed & renovated the home to re-sell.  I enjoyed the location so much that I decided to stay and because I love farming too I decided build the home into a sustainable 1 acre farm.

Framing, HVAC Ducting & Electrical Wiring Assistant – Finishing a basement into living quarters
Broomfield, CO | November 2014 – January 2015

Construction of 2 Story Garage – from pouring the foundation to installing the last shingle.  We were a crew of 3 and finally I was not an assistant but in charge of much of the work myself.
Boulder CO | October 2014 – February 2015

Exterior Painting – Residential Home & Detached Garage
Boulder CO | June-July 2015

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